How do I grade an assignment?

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Assignments.

Select Assignments from the tool menu in your site.

Select the assignment to grade.

Select Grade under the assignment's title.  

Select a student to grade.

Under the Student column, select the name of the student you want to grade.  

In addition to the list of students, you will see the Submitted Date, Status, Grade, and Released columns.  Sort the page display by any of these columns by clicking on the column's title.  

Grading Navigation Bar

Navigate Submissions allows you to navigate between the students' submission for the assignment.  Options include:

  1. Previous: Go to the previous student's grade page.
  2. Previous Ungraded: Go to the previous ungraded student's submission.
  3. Return to List: Go to the list of all students.
  4. Next Ungraded: Go to the next ungraded student's submission.
  5. Next: Go to the next student's grade page.
  6. Navigate between students with submissions only: Allows you to navigate between only the students who have submitted.

Note: Selecting any of the options above that take you to a different page (options 1-5) will save changes you have made on the current student's grade page.

View student submission.

The student submission will be displayed as follows:   

  1. The student's name, submission date, graded status, and History.
  2. Next, under Assignment Submission, the student's inline submission text (if applicable) is shown.  
  3. Under Submitted Attachments, any attached files will appear.  The file name as well as the the file size and submission date are also shown.  

Note: To view student file attachments, you will need to click on the filename to download and open the file.  

Enter grade.

Enter the score for the student's assignment in the grade entry text box provided.

Enter instructor comments. (Optional)

To include additional comments along with the grade, you may enter them into the Rich-Text Editor under the Instructor Summary Comments section.

Return an attachment. (Optional)

To return a file attachment to the student with additional feedback, select the Add Attachments button to browse for and select a file.

Override Accept Until Date. (Optional)

To give a specific student a date extension on their first submission to the assignment:

  1. Select the Override Accept Until Date checkbox.
  2. The assignment's Accept Until date will be automatically filled in the Accept Until date field that appears. Edit this date as needed.

Note: If the student already submitted the assignment, you may allow them to modify their submission by following the step below to allow resubmission.

Allow resubmissions. (Optional)

To allow the student to resubmit the assignment:

  1. Check the Allow Resubmission box.
  2. Specify the number of resubmissions allowed and the date until which they will be accepted.

Note: If you allowed resubmissions on the assignment when you created it, the Number of resubmissions allowed and Accept Until date will be automatically filled with the assignment's resubmission information. However, you may override the default settings for an individual student by changing the information on the student's grade page for the assignment.

Save the grade and other changes.

If you are finished grading and would like to release the information to the student, select the Save and Release to Student button.   

Alternatively, to save the grade but wait and release it to the student at a later date, you may select the Save and Don't Release to Student button.

Tip: Some faculty prefer to release all of the grades at one time when they have finished entering grades for the whole class.  

Go to the next submission.

If you have more student submissions to grade and would like to go directly to the next submission in the list:

  1. To skip students with no submission, check the Navigate between students with submissions only box.
  2. To go to the next submission, select the Next button.  Any changes made on the grading screen will be saved but NOT released to the student.