How do I copy a meeting?

You may copy a Sign Up event to create a new meeting with similar settings.

Note: In a copied meeting, some settings will not be available to edit. You cannot copy a meeting with multiple slots to create a new single-slot meeting, for instance.

Go to Sign Up.

Select Sign Up from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select a Meeting Title.

Select Copy.

Modify settings for the new meeting.

On the Copy this Meeting page, edit the settings for the new meeting as desired, including the title if you want a new meeting name.  For more information on which settings you can change, see How do I edit a meeting?


Select whether to copy participants (Optional).

By default, meeting participants are not added to the new copy of the meeting.  If anyone was signed up for the meeting you are copying, you can select Yes, keep all the participant(s) in their corresponding time slots to copy participants as well.

Publish the meeting to the calendar (Optional).

If a Calendar tool has been added to your site, Yes, publish the meeting to the Calendar tool is selected by default.  The event will appear on the calendar for site members, regardless of whether they are signed up to attend.

Announce meeting availability (Optional).

Choose Yes, send an email notification to, then select whether you would like to notify All potential participants or Selected meeting coordinators and participants currently signed up to send an email announcing that the meeting has been published.

Publish the new meeting.

To save the settings and create the new meeting, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Publish New Meeting.