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How do I add a poll in the Polls tool?

Site Administrators can create and save polls in the Polls tool to gather information from their site participants. For example, an instructor could poll their students to informally assess their understanding of a topic. A collaboration site owner could poll their site participants to find out a preferred method of communication for the group.

Each poll contains one multiple choice question. Respondents may select one or more responses, depending on the configuration of the question.

Go to Polls.

Select Polls from the tool menu of your site.

Select Add.

  1. Select the Add tab in the menu bar near the top of the page to create a new poll.
  2. If there are no other polls in the site, you can also select the Add a poll link to create a new poll.

Enter the poll question and additional instructions.

  1. Enter the poll question into the Question field.
  2. Add any additional instructions or comments into the Additional Instructions field, if desired.

Note: After entering text or other content into the Rich-Text Editor, we recommend using the Accessibility Checker to confirm that the content is fully accessible to all site participants. See How do I check my content for accessibility? for more information on the Accessibility Checker and instructions for checking content.

Select the poll settings.

Scroll down to enter the poll settings:

  1. Enter the Opening and Closing Dates for the poll. The opening date is the date that the poll is visible to respondents. The closing date is the date that the poll is no longer available.
  2. Select the Limits for the poll. You can choose the minimum and the maximum number of answer options that can be selected. By default, respondents may select only one response to the poll question. However, this may be changed to allow respondents to give more than one response.
  3. Choose if or when the poll results are visible to respondents. By default, results are always available to respondents. However, this may be restricted to display the results only to respondents, only after the closing date, or only to instructors.
  4. Select the Save and add options button to save the settings and add responses.

Enter the first poll option.

  1. Enter the first poll option into the Answer option field.
  2. Select the Save and add options button. A poll must have at least two options.

Enter additional poll options.

  1. Enter the next poll option into the Answer option field.
  2. To continue the process of adding options, select the Save and add options button and repeat the procedure of adding an option into the Answer option field.
  3. Once all of the desired options have been entered, select the Save button.

Save the poll.

The poll options will now be displayed on the settings screen. To save the poll, select the Save button.

A link to the poll will be available on the main page in the Polls tool.

  1. To view the poll, select the link to the poll question.
  2. To edit the poll, select the Edit link underneath the poll question.