How do I print the roster?

Note: Due to privacy restrictions, information contained in the Roster tool is restricted to site participants in the Instructor, Secondary Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Owner, or Administrator roles. (Access to official photos is further restricted to participants listed in SIS as instructors, secondary instructors, or teaching assistants for rosters containing those photos.)

Participants in the Student, Member, or Observer roles have no access to any of this information. By default, the tool is hidden in sites created using the site templates, meaning that students will not see the tool in the tool menu. Even if the tool is unhidden, students, members, or observers will see a page with no participant information after clicking on the link.

Go to Roster.

Select Roster from the tool menu in your site.

Select a layout to print.

To print the roster, select the layout to be printed. The available layouts include:

  • Cards: This view displays the roster in a notecard-style format, with a card for each site participant.
  • Photo Grid: This view displays the roster as a grid of individual entries containing enlarged photos of the site participants, to aid instructors in visually identifying their students.
  • List: This view displays the roster in a spreadsheet-style format, with a line for each site participant. By default, participant photos are included in the view, but they may be hidden to generate a condensed list similar to that found in previous versions of the Roster tool. This view also includes name pronunciation guides, if provided by the site participants.

Select the desired layout by clicking the corresponding tab in the menu bar near the top of the page.

The system will display the roster in the selected layout. To print the roster in the selected layout, select the Print button.

Note: Attempting to print the roster by entering the standard keyboard command (control/command+P) or by selecting  File > Print in the browser menu may not print the entire roster. These actions do not ensure that the entire roster has been loaded for printing.