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How do I embed a Media Gallery file on a page in Lessons?

You can embed a Media Gallery file on a page in Lessons in a text box using the Rich-Text Editor. For more information on using the Media Gallery to add video, audio, or image files to your site, see What is the Media Gallery tool?

For information on making videos and audio files accessible, see How can I make videos and audio files more accessible?

Go to Lessons.

Select the Title of the page (e.g., Lessons, Activities, Week: 1) from the tool menu in your site.

Select Add Content.

Select Add Text.

In the window that pops up, select Add Text.

Position your cursor.

In the Rich-Text Editor, position your cursor where you would like to embed the media.

Select the Kaltura icon.

The Kaltura icon looks like a sun or star burst.

Select a media file.

A window will pop up displaying your media. Select the Embed button for the file to add to the editor.

Note: If you do not have the media already uploaded, you can use the Add New button to upload an item.

View media.

  1. A thumbnail image will display in the editor at the location of the embedded media item.
  2. When the item you are creating in the editor is saved, the media will be available to view or play.