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How do I publish an assessment (i.e. test or quiz)?

After you have created an assessment, you must publish it before students can access it.  

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Publish with current settings.

If you are sure the current settings are appropriate, you can publish the assessment from either the Action menu or the edit assessment screen.

Note: It is recommended to review and adjust settings in the Working Copies tab before publishing, to ensure that students cannot start taking the assessment with the incorrect settings.

Publish from the Action menu.

In the Working Copies tab, select Publish from the Action drop-down menu for the assessment.

Or select Publish on the Questions screen.

If you are currently editing the assessment, select Publish at the top of the Questions screen.

Edit the settings and then publish.

To verify and/or edit the assessment's settings before it is published, publish it from the assessment Settings screen.

Access assessment settings from the Tests & Quizzes tool home screen.

In the Working Copies tab, select Settings from the Action drop-down menu for the assessment.

Or select Settings on the Questions screen.

If you are currently editing the assessment, select Settings at the top of the Questions screen.

Adjust the settings as desired.

For information about editing settings, see How do I inspect and adjust the settings of an assessment?  

Save settings and publish.

Once you have completed your settings selections, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save Settings and Publish.

Review and confirm publishing the assessment.

Review the information on the Publish Assessment screen to check that the availability dates, time limit (if any) and feedback settings are as desired.

  1. You can notify students via email when you publish the assessment.  The default setting is to publish without notification.  Selecting and send notification below to students sends the email on publication, NOT on the available date of the assessment.
  2. If your assessment has a due date and the Calendar tool has been added to your site, the option display due date on Calendar is selected by default.  To prevent the date from displaying on the Calendar, deselect this option.
  3. Select Publish to confirm.


  • The email notification contains a link to the assessment.  If the assessment is not yet available, and students try to access the link in the email, they will get an error saying they do not have permission to take the assessment.
  • To make additional changes to the settings before publishing, select Edit Settings.

View published assessment.

A copy of the assessment will be placed in the Published Copies tab.  Published assessments are listed with the following information:

  1. Status - Whether the assessment is Active (available to students) or Inactive (unavailable to students).
  2. In Progress - How many assessments have been started but not submitted.
  3. Submitted - The number of students who have submitted the assessment.  If there are submissions, you can select the number to access the Scores screens.
  4. Release To - The group(s) to whom the assessment has been made available.  Depending on your assessment settings, this column will display: Entire Site, Selected Group(s) (click the Selected Group(s) link to see to which groups the assessment has been made available), or Anonymous Users.
  5. Release Date - When the assessment becomes available.
  6. Due Date - When the assessment is due.
  7. Last Modified - The instructor or site administrator who last modified the assessment.
  8. Modified Date - The date and time when it was last edited.


  • If your assessment was published in a site where there are NO active Students or Members as participants, the assessment's status will remain Inactive until a participant is added in the Student or Member role.
  • A copy of your assessment will remain in the Working Copies tab after it is published.  It is recommended to keep the copy of the assessment in Working Copies because you cannot export or duplicate published assessments for reuse.