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How do I add a VoiceThread link to a page in Lessons?

VoiceThreads are interactive slideshows that you create by uploading and linking documents, pictures, videos, and/or audio files. You can add links to individual VoiceThreads or collections of VoiceThread content on pages in Lessons to increase engagement with media.

Go to Lessons.

Select the Title of the page (e.g., Lessons, Activities, Week: 1) from the tool menu in your site.  

Select Add Content.

Select Add External Tool.

In the window that pops up, select Add External Tool.

A Configure External Tool window will pop up.

  1. Enter a Tool Title. This is the text of the link that will appear on the page. For accessibility, you should use meaningful text to describe your link.
  2. Select Save.

You will be returned to the page with your new link added. Select the link to access the VoiceThread setup options.

On the VoiceThread Setup page, select the button that corresponds to the type of link to create.  Options include:

  1. Course View: Display all VoiceThread content that has been shared with members of this UVACollab site. The VoiceThreads displayed to each individual who visits the link will depend on their permissions (e.g., in Course View, students will only be able to access content that has been shared with the entire class, while instructors will also be able to access student assignment submissions).
  2. VT Home Page: Display the VoiceThread Home page for each individual who visits the link (all VoiceThread content that person can access). This option is not recommended for course sites, as instructors and students may be confused about where to find content for their course when accessing their VoiceThread Home page.
  3. Individual VoiceThread: Display one specific VoiceThread.
  4. Assignment Builder: Create a graded VoiceThread assignment, where students are required to create their own VoiceThread, watch, and/or comment on VoiceThreads created by others. For additional steps to create an assignment, see How do I add a VoiceThread assignment to a page in Lessons?

Note: The type of link cannot be changed later, but you may create additional VoiceThread links as needed on your page(s).

Selecting the Course View or Home option will create the link with no additional setup required. See below for steps to link to an individual VoiceThread.

After choosing the Individual VT option, you will be taken to the Select VoiceThread page, where you will be presented with a list of VoiceThreads you own.

  1. Select the Title of the VoiceThread to link.
  2. Select Share with Class.

Note: Alternatively, you may use the Create new VoiceThread link to add a new VoiceThread and link to it, or select Add a VoiceThread by share link or id to link to a VoiceThread created by someone else that has been shared with you.