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How do I add a syllabus as a file attachment?

Instructors can add a file attachment, such as a Word document or PDF, for students to view in the Syllabus tool. The files can be uploaded from a computer or selected from Resources in the current site or another site.

You can find more information about creating other types of syllabus items in the articles below:

Go to Syllabus.

Select Syllabus from the tool menu of your site.

Select Add Item.

Enter a title and additional content.

  1. Enter a title for the syllabus item into the Title field.
  2. If desired, enter any additional text or other content into the Content field.
  3. Select the audience for the syllabus item.
    • Selecting the World Readable option will make the syllabus item's content and attachments visible to anyone via the Class Details page in the Student Information System (SIS).
    • Selecting the UVa Only option will make the syllabus item's content visible to anyone via the Class Details page, but any attachments will not be accessible from SIS.
    • Selecting the Site Participants Only option will make the content and attachments associated the syllabus items restricted to participants of the site.
  4. Choose a notification option.
    • By default, students are not notified each time a syllabus item is created or edited.
    • To send a higher priority notification, select High from the Email Notification dropdown menu. This notification will be sent to all site participants.
    • To send a lower priority notification, select Low from the Email Notification dropdown menu. This notification will not be sent to students who have opted out of low priority notifications.
  5. Select Add and Publish.

Note: After entering text or other content into the editor in UVACollab, we recommend using the Accessibility Checker to confirm that the content is fully accessible to all site participants. See How do I check my content for accessibility? for more information on the Accessibility Checker and instructions for checking content.

Select the syllabus item and Add attachments.

  1. Select the title of the syllabus item to expand it.
  2. Select the + Add attachments link to select a file.

Select a file.

Upload a local file.

In the Upload a local file tab, select the Choose File button to browse for and open a file from your computer.

Or, select a file from Resources.

If you would like to choose a file from Resources, follow the steps below. If you uploaded a local file, continue to Confirm the file you will add.

  1. Open the Select from resources tab.
  2. Select the Attach a copy link to the right of the file you want to attach.
  3. To use a file located in another site, select Show other sites. Then, choose the name of the site in which the attachment is located to locate and select it.

Confirm the file you will add.

  1. The name of the file you selected will appear in the Items to attach column.
  2. Remove any file that you would not like to add by selecting Remove in the same row as the file name.
  3. Select Continue to add the file.

Set the availability dates.

Select the pencil (Edit) icon.

To edit a syllabus item, select the pencil (Edit) icon to the right of the syllabus title.

Set the availability dates.

To display and allow access to the syllabus item and the file attachment during a selected period of time, choose a Start Date and End Date by selecting the Calendar icons to the right of each field.

Save changes.

To post the syllabus item with the file attachment, select the Add and Publish button.