How do I export and import assessments?

You can Export an assessment created in Tests & Quizzes to download and save it as a file on your computer.  You can also Import, or upload, a format-compliant file to create an assessment.  

Three export formats are available:

  • Content Packaging - a zip file of assessment settings, question text, links, images, or other attached files
  • QTI v 1.2 - an XML file of assessment settings and question text
  • Markup Text - question text that you can copy and paste into the Create from markup text screen when creating an assessment

The format you choose will depend on whether you wish to capture links and attachments, and on the import capabilities of the intended destination.

Tip: Some textbook publishers provide question banks that you can import into Tests & Quizzes.  You may also be able to import questions that were authored in other learning management systems, such as Blackboard or Moodle.  See the steps below about importing assessments for more information.

Export an assessment.

Exporting an assessment will create a new file on your computer, suitable for saving for further use or importing to another learning management system.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select Tests & Quizzes from the tool menu in your site.

Select to export the assessment.

In the Working Copies tab:

  1. Select the Actions menu for the assessment.
  2. Select Export.

Note: You cannot export assessments in the Published Copies tab.

Choose the export type and export.

  1. Select the export type from the three options described below.
    • Content Packaging creates a zip file with an assessment's settings and content, including questions, links, images and/or other attached files. This is the default option and recommended for most assessments.
    • QTI v 1.2 creates an XML file of an assessment's settings and question text; it does NOT capture links, images, or other attached files.
    • Markup text exports basic question text only; it does NOT capture some advanced question settings (for example, partial credit for Multiple Choice questions), or links, images, or attached files.  You will be able to copy and paste questions from an exported Markup text file to add assessment questions using markup text or cut and paste.
  2. Select the Export button.

Download the file.

The prompts and steps for downloading the file will depend on your internet browser.  Save the file to your computer.

Import an assessment.

After exporting an assessment, you can Import it into another UVACollab site to reuse it there.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select Tests & Quizzes from the tool menu in your site.

Select the Add tab.

Select Import from File (XML or ZIP).

Screenshot of Add Assessment page with Import option selected. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

Select the Import from File (XML or ZIP) radio button to display the options for importing assessments.

Select the file to import.

  1. Select Choose File or Browse (the button text depends on the internet browser you are using) to find the file on your computer and open it.  Once selected, the file name will display next to the button.
  2. Select the radio button indicating the file's source:
    • If your assessment has been exported from a UVACollab site or another university's Sakai system (opens new window), use the default option, Export from this (or other Sakai) system.
    • If your questions or assessment were provided by a textbook publisher or authored in a learning management system other than Sakai, for example in Blackboard or Moodle, use the Export from Respondus option.

View your assessment.

In the Working Copies tab of Tests & Quizzes, the imported assessment will be available.  (It will have the title of the downloaded assessment, not the name of the XML or ZIP file you imported.)

You may select the Actions menu, then Edit to review and revise the assessment questions, or Settings to change the title and other settings.

Note: Assessments that contain multiple choice, multiple selection questions with All or Nothing selected do not retain this setting on import. To remedy this, after import, edit these questions before publishing to reset the selection back to All or Nothing.