How do I bulk edit gradebook items?

The Bulk Edit option in Gradebook allows you to edit multiple gradebook items at one time.  Using this feature, you can modify the Release to students setting, include item(s) in the course grade calculation, or delete several items.

Tip: When creating a site using How do I create a site copied from a previous site? (opens in new window) all of the gradebook items are configured so they are not released to students nor are they included in final course grade calculation.  Bulk Edit can be used to change these settings for all items.

Go to Gradebook.

Select Gradebook from the tool menu in your site.

Select Bulk Edit.

On the Grades tab, select Bulk Edit.

Select the gradebook items.  

On the Bulk Edit page, you can release gradebook items to students, include an item in the course grade calculation or delete items.  

  1. To change a setting for all items added to Gradebook, select Toggle all in the column header.  
  2. Select individual items by selecting the box beside the item's title.
  3. Multiple items can be deleted by selecting them under the Delete column.
  4. Select Save Changes to save any modifications you have made.