What is the Tests & Quizzes Event Log?

The Event Log displays certain activities for all Tests & Quizzes assessments in a site.  

Events recorded include (for each participant): when the site participant started the assessment (date and time), when the assessment was submitted (date and time), and the duration of the assessment session in minutes (rounded up to the nearest minute).  If the log entry includes a submission, the Errors column will display how the assessment was submitted: by the student or site member (User submit), by the expiration of a timer on a timed assessment (Timer submit), or by the Automatic submission feature (Auto submit).

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select the Event Log tab.

View event data.

When at least one site participant has begun taking an assessment, the Event Log contains a table with the following columns:

  1. Title: The first 13 characters in the assessment's title, with an info (letter i) icon. If the title is longer than 13 characters, you may hover over the info icon with a mouse to display the full assessment title.
  2. Name: The name of the person taking the assessment.
  3. Entry Date: When the Begin Assessment button was clicked to start the assessment.
  4. Date Submitted: If the assessment was submitted, the date when it was submitted.
  5. Duration: How much time elapsed between when the site participant began taking the assessment and when it was actually submitted, rounded up to the nearest minute.

    The duration might NOT be an accurate indicator of how much time a student actually spent working on an assessment, especially if the assessment was submitted by the expiration of a timer on a timed assessment (Timer submit), or by the Automatic submission feature (Auto submit).  For these submissions:
    • Timer submit - Tests & Quizzes does not indicate whether the student took the full amount of time allotted, or whether they exited the assessment before the time expired.  It takes about a minute for a timer to automatically submit a timed assessment.  When a Timer submit is recorded, the Duration column will indicate that the assessment took 1 minute longer than the time allotted.
    • Auto submit - Several days may pass between when a student saves their work on an assessment and when an automatic submission occurs.  The Submit Date on the Total Scores screen shows when the student last saved content in the assessment, so comparing the Entry Date from the Event Log to the Total Scores screen's Submit Date might give a better idea of how much time the student spent on the test.
  6. Errors:
    • If the assessment was submitted, No Errors displays, along with the method by which it was submitted.  Submission methods include:
      • User submit - The student manually submitted the assessment by clicking Submit for Grading on the Assessment Submission Warning screen.
      • Timer submit - On a timed test, the expiration of the timer automatically saved and submitted the student's work.
      • Auto submit - A student started an assessment with the Automatic submission feature enabled, but they did not confirm submitting it.  Any work the student saved (or a blank assessment, if nothing was saved) was submitted by the Autosubmit process.
    • If the assessment was restricted to specific IP addresses, and a student attempted to take it while connected to the internet on a different IP address than those listed in the assessment settings, IP Access Error displays.
    • If the instructor created an Assessment Password for a student to enter before accessing the exam, and the password was entered incorrectly, Password Access Error displays.
  7. IP Address: The IP Address(es) where the student was connected while taking the assessment.

Note: If there are no submissions recorded for any assessment, the table will display No results found.

  1. To view data for a specific test or quiz, use the Filter log by Title drop-down menu to choose its title.
  2. By default, entries in the log are sorted by Entry Date, with the assessments begun most recently at the top of the list.  Select a column heading (Title, Name, Entry Date, Date Submitted) to sort the entries by the information in that column.  Select the same heading again to switch between ascending and descending order.
  3. Search the log data for a specific student's assessment attempts by entering their user ID (i.e., UVA computing ID or non-UVA guest email address) or name in the Search by User ID or Name field and selecting the Search button.
  4. When there are more than 20 entries in the Event Log, use the Next > and < Previous buttons above the search box to navigate from one page of entries to another.